Sharon Taylor

Hi! Welcome to my website!

Are you searching for a fun and knowledgeable piano or voice teacher for you or your child? How about art lessons or a fun painting class, right here in Dickson? You’re in the right place!

I’m Sharon Taylor, a 35+ Year Instructor of the Arts and exactly who you’ve been looking for! Let’s just see what we can learn together!

Available Musical Training Options:

  • Classical Training (Piano & Voice)
  • Non-Traditional Piano (Playing by ear)
  • Playing with Chords and Chord Charts
  • Learning to play and sing together
  • Classical Singing Style (Opera, Arias, etc.)
  • Vocal Coaching
  • Modern Vocal Training (Pop/Gospel/Country/Jazz)
  • Extending and Improving Vocal Range
  • Musicality and Stage Presence
  • Ear Training and Pitch Improvement
  • Audition Preparation for Theatre or Talent Competitions
  • Sight Reading
  • General Music Education
  • Music Theory