Country Pumpkin

"Country Pumpkin" Just in time for Fall! Well, maybe a little early.....Come and paint this original painting (exclusive to Sharon Taylor Creative!) for your fall decor. Would also be a great gift! You can do this! It'll be fun! CONCEPTS LEARNED:  Splatter technique drybrush technique blending (shading, shadowing) color blending SKILL LEVEL- EASY 10+ Seating limited to 12 class participants.  Book early- this one will

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The Sweet Life

"The Sweet Life" Okay, all you sweet lovers out there!  You know who you are!  The Sweet Life is a fun little homage to one of our favorite sweets, the cupcake!  Complete with sprinkles and a cherry on top!  Don't miss out on this fun painting! CONCEPTS LEARNED:  texture and blending techniques shading strategies ssprinkles! value and tone  Lettering basics with pen SKILL LEVEL- EASY

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Bokeh Yellow

"Bokeh Yellow" Rescheduled/New Venue! Bokeh, anyone?  Bokeh seems to be all the rage now, but it's been around for a long time.  Painting a bokeh effect with acrylic paints can be challenging, but doesn't have to be with my secret techniques!  The background is stunning in shades of blue and green, and the beautiful, bright yellow flower in the foreground makes for a beautiful piece

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